Where it all began

"I remember the feeling I got when I received cards in the post from my great grandmother, being full of emotion as I opened them up to see what she'd chosen to send me each time."

When owner and designer Aysha Yeboah-Clarke moved to the UAE from London in 2016, she struggled to find the type of cards that she was looking for, so she decided to do something about it.

​"The joy that receiving cards has given me over the years was the inspiration behind why I set up Paper In Print. To create beautifully crafted paper goods for people to share with those they care most for"

Cards regardless of their occasion are more than paper and words. They're personal; they connect us to one another. An emotive gesture which leaves a lasting impression on the lucky individual who gets to open one. 


The Studio

The passion behind Paper In Print is about bringing paper to life through print, creating products that are well designed, high quality and sustainable.

The love for colour, bold graphics and striking print began in the early stages of founder Aysha’s career working as a fashion buyer. The energy and inspiration she got working closely with creative teams to design and produce product ranges gave Aysha the appetite to start up on her own thing. That’s how Paper in Print was born.

​She now works from her sunny home studio in the UAE and offers a range of beautifully designed and lovingly crafted greetings cards and prints.  



All Paper In Print goods are created using sustainable materials. It's a promise made at the start, to produce quality paper goods that leave as little impact as possible on our environment. 

All paper products are made from FSC certified paper which is responsibly sourced, cards come in biodegradable film bags and we try to source packaging from reputable brands who share our values and use sustainable methods and materials.